Here are transcripts of most of the correspondence I had with various people: Dallas policemen
and FBI agents, autopsists, etc.

My correspondence

Ball, Joseph (Warren Commission attorney)
Bowles, Jim (Dallas policeman)
Day, Carl (Dallas policeman)
Gemberling, Robert (Dallas FBI Supervisor)
Hall, Ray (Dallas FBI Agent)
Harper, Carl Dr. (Did the autopsy of a JFK assassination witness)
Harrelson, Charles (JFK assassination suspect)
Hartmann, Bill (House Select Committee on Assassination photo expert)
Humes, James Dr. (Did the JFK autopsy)
Leavelle, James (Dallas policeman)
Linn, Travis (Dallas reporter)
McCaghren, Paul (Dallas policeman)
Payne, Darwin (Dallas reporter)
Pierce, Rio (Dallas policeman)
Pinkston, Nat (Dallas FBI Agent)
Preston, Billy J. (Dallas policeman)
Rickerby, Art Mrs. (Her husband took photos after the JFK assassination)
Souetre, Jean (JFK assassination suspect)
Specter, Arlen (Warren Commission Attorney)
Trombly, Kenneth M. (Suspect Jim Braden's attorney)
Uhrbrock, Donald C. (Life photographer present in Dallas)
Wise, Marvin (Policeman who arrested three tramps hiding in a train after the

My collection of documents

My collection of newspaper clips

My audio interviews with policemen and deputy sheriffs. Also rare TV interviews and radio shows
My Youtube channel


Robin Unger's of excellent copies of various JFK assassination-related photos

David Von Pein's JFK assassination Youtube channel


Many thanks to Allan Eaglesham, Pamela Brown, and Dave Reitzes for proof reading
the text on this website.

Pamela is researching the damage to the limousine; her website is at

Allan's articles on the mysterious death of Lieutenant Commander William B. Pitzer
at Bethesda Naval Hospital are available at

Dave has great articles and research resources on the John F. Kennedy assassination and
Jim Garrison's conspiracy investigation in New Orleans.