"Denis Morissette is a recognized JFK assassination researcher who presents
on this website only original
and hard-to-find material, useful to the novice and
advanced researcher
s.  He has documents, newspaper clips, transcripts of his
own correspondence with witnesses, investigators,
and suspects.

Denis is mentioned in several books on the subject, including my book, entitled
"Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film". I used Denis' solid
knowledge of the photos and films taken in Dealey Plaza in writing
my book"

Gayle Nix Jackson, Author    



I was in Dallas in November 2014. I had the pleasure and privilege to meet one key witness and
one key investigator. Mary Moorman took this Polaroid photo taken a fraction of second after
the shot that hit JFK's head. And Eugene Boone was the deputy sheriff credited for finding
Oswald's rifle on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository.
Both helped me as much as
they could in my investigation. When I asked Mr. Boone how much time he had for me, he told me,
"My afternoon is mine".

Mary Moorman                        Moorman photo

                                                                                                              Eugene Boone


Eugene Boone

Moorman at the Sheriff Office
after the assassination


My correspondence

Here are transcripts of most of the correspondence I had with various people:
Dallas policemen, FBI agents, Warren Commission attorneys, autopsy doctors,
suspects, reporters, etc.


Rare documents


Rare newspaper clips


My audio interviews with policemen and deputy sheriffs. Also rare TV
interviews and radio shows

My Youtube channel

Documentaries play-by-play  

This tool will help researchers in locating witnesses, investigators, events in several
JFK assassination documentaries on DVD. You will find here photos and films seen in
these documentaries.

The Story Behind the Story (Dallas Morning News)

JFK: Breaking the News (PBS-KERA)

Death in Dealey Plaza (Discovery Channel)

Unsolved History (Discovery Channel)

The Case for Conspiracy (New Frontiers Videos)

The Assassination Films (New Frontiers Videos)

The Lost Bullet (National Geographic)

The Lost Tapes (National Geographic)

The 3 Shots that Changed America (History Channel)


Robin Unger's of excellent copies of various JFK assassination-related photos


David Von Pein's JFK assassination Youtube channel


JFK Assassination Forum's Youtube Channel


Parkland photos I bought on Ebay and currently at the Sixth Floor Museum


My friend Gayle Jackson Nix wrote a book about her
grandfather's film of the assassination of President Kennedy. The
original film has been missing for several decades.

Here is a 2013 Dallas WFAA-TV news report on her film in
which Gayle appears:

Gayle's on WFAA

This is the Nix film:

Nix film

Buy her book on Amazon.com!



Many thanks to Allan Eaglesham, Pamela Brown, and Dave Reitzes for proof reading
most of the text on this website.

Pamela is researching the damage to the limousine; her website is at

Allan's articles on the mysterious death of Lieutenant Commander William B. Pitzer
at Bethesda Naval Hospital are available at

Dave has great articles and research resources on the John F. Kennedy assassination and
Jim Garrison's conspiracy investigation in New Orleans.