References to Buell Frazier as a suspect by the Jim Garrison team. Transcript of a conference of Garrison investigators and researchers recorded on September 21, 1968

CIA computer scan on Buell Frazier. Undated report (CIA-104-10117-10216)

May 5, 1975 FBI report on the 3 tramps arrested after the shooting (FBI-124-10164-10444)

March 10, 1978 FBI report on Constable Seymour Weitzman (FBI-124-10329-10000)

January, 15, 1964 USSS report listing the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax agents present on the 6th floor on November 22, 1963 (FBI-180-10089-10200)

August 25, 1978 HSCA interview with Larry Florer (HSCA-180-10113-10278)


1977 HSCA interview with DPD Chief Jessie Curry (HSCA 180-10090-10275)

1978 HSCA interview with patrolman Stavis Ellis (HSCA 180-10109-10154)

A second 1978 HSCA interview with patrolman Stavis Ellis (HSCA 180-10108-10193)

1978 HSCA interview with patrolman Clyde Haygood (HSCA 180-10115-10114)

HSCA interview with witness Lee Bowers' parents (HSCA 180-10113-10264)

1977 HSCA interview with Detective Elmer Boyd (HSCA 180-10112-10160)

1977 HSCA interview with Inspector James H. Sawyer (HSCA HSCA-180-10112-10159)

1977 interview with patrolman Joe M. Smith (HSCA-180-10082-10445)

1978 Affidavit of Deputy Sheriff Jack Faulkner (HSCA-180-10078-10275)

1978 HSCA Outside Contact Report with Deputy Sheriff Jack Faulkner (HSCA-180-10082-10410)



Below: Dallas policemen Marvin Wise and Bill Bass arrested three tramps found hiding in a train after the assassination.

Officer Wise appears in some photographs accompanying the tramps to the Sheriff's Office. See what
Wise thought the tramps really were and what one of them was carrying in a bag. It has been alleged
that Wise had a listening device in his ear, possibly to communicate with conspirators (See picture below). Read his explanation.

Marvin Wise

1977 HSCA interview of policeman Marvin Wise (HSCA 180-10112-10156)

1992 FBI interview of policeman Marvin Wise and W.E. Chambers (FBI 124-10179-10310)

1992 FBI interview of policeman Marvin Wise (FBI 124-10273-10440)

1977 HSCA interview with policeman Billy Bass (HSCA 180-10112-10154)
1992 FBI interview of policeman David Harkness (FBI 124-10273-10402)

"On the day of the assassination there were several individuals removed from the train other than the three individuals previously arrested"

David Harkness, D.P.D. officer

1992 FBI interview of William Middleton, allegedly one of the arresting officers (FBI 124-10273-10392)
1992 FBI interview of William Chambers, a policeman who interviewed the Tramps (FBI 124-10179-10312)
Hand-written notes used for redacting some 1992 FBI reports on interviews of Elmer L. Boyd, John Sigalos (attorney for Charles Bronson), and Dallas policemen William E. Chambers and Marvin L. Wise, regarding the handling of the arrest and interrogation of the Tramps. FBI 124-10180-10305

Harold Doyle AKA Frenchie

1992 FBI interviews of Harold Doyle, believed to be one of the Tramps.

FBI 124-10151-10221
FBI 124-10273-10380
FBI 124-10273-10383

1975 Arrest Report of Tramp Harold Doyle in Klamath Falls. Klamath Falls Arrest Report

Document on the 1975 arrest of Tramp Harold Doyle in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Doyle was fingerprinted and photographed by the police (FBI 124-10151-10225)

Note: I contacted the Klamath Falls police. Unfortunately, I was told that the fingerprints and the
photographs are missing from the arresting file.

Interview with Harold Doyle, Frenchie Tramp
1992 FBI interview of Robert C. Downing and a former policeman who have known Harold Doyle, believed to be one of the Tramps (FBI 124-10151-10224)

Above: Left and right: John Gedney. Center:The Tall Tramp in Dealey Plaza.

1992 FBI interview of John Gedney, believed to be one of the Tramps. Gedney says that a fourth man was brought into the cell with him (FBI 124-10273-10381) 1992 FBI interview of John Gedney, believed to be one of the Tramps (FBI 124-10151-10214)
Documents on the Tramps prepared by researcher A.J. Weberman (HSCA 180-10095-10390)

Gus Abrams AKA The Old Tramp


Jack Lawrence

Various reports on Jack Lawrence, salesman at Downtown Lincoln-Mercury.

HSCA 180-10016-10266

HSCA 180-10054-10057

HSCA 180-10053-10417

HSCA 180-10016-10084

Jim Braden in Dealey Plaza

1980 letter from Jim Braden to the U.S. Attorney General (FBI 124-10073-10226)
William Frank Goffney was arrested after running from the City Hall following the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald (HSCA 180-10100-10441)

Above: The car at the back of Walker's house

General Walker

A photograph, found among Oswald's possession, was of a car parked at the rear of General Walker's
house.The license plate had been excised from the picture. It has been alleged that the car belonged to Walker's friend C.F. Klihr. Under author David Lifton's request Warren Commission Staff member Attorney Wesley Liebeler wrote to Klihr asking him if he was indeed the owner. This is Liebeler's letter and an FBI report. Notice the complete lack of curiosity from the FBI. (FBI 124-10106-10275)

This is Klihr's reply (FBI 124-10092-10206)
A citizen wrote the FBI to inform them that an individual named Gregory Lynn could have participated in the JFK assassination.

FBI 124-10027-10306

FBI 124-10027-10307

Jean Souetre

Souetre -or someone using his name - was present in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and expelled from the USA the same day (CIA 104-10002-10042)

Souetre 201 File (HSCA 180-10142-10273)
The DPD was alerted by the Grand Prairie police after they received a call from a Mrs. Cunningham saying that she knew of a car involved in the JFK assassination. The car was traced to Donald Wayne House who was arrested 90 minutes after the assassination (SSCI 157-10005-10016)

Arrest of Donald Wayne House in Fort Worth (FBI 124-10013-10029)

See also document: SCIA 157-10005-10016

For more on Donald Wayne House: Article on Donald Wayne House

NBC report of House arrest:
Allegations of Thomas White III who says that he witnessed a meeting between Santos Trafficante, Frank Ragano and Frank Ippilito during which the assassination of President Kennedy had been discussed. Other JFK assassination aspects are discussed (FBI 124-10273-10448)

Investigation of Dallas Constables Robbie Love and Billy J. Preston on documents possibly providing a relation between Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby (FBI document, file number unknown)

"Ruby and Oswald were seen by four persons who saw them talking and drinking together"


Above: Deputy Sheriff Eddie Walthers and DPD Officer Joe W. Foster watching an unidentified
man searching for a bullet in the grass. Several researchers believe he picked up a bullet.

Letter to FBI Laboratory in the 9-19832, containing a bullet (FBI 124-10075-10213)

Allegation in the book Red Roses in Dallas by author that Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers found an unaccounted-for bullet in the grass on Elm Street (HSCA 180-10022-10419)

Series of articles on a bullet found in the grass on Elm Street (FBI 124-10052-10202, 10203,10204, and 10205)

Allegation in the book Red Roses in Dallas by author that Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers found an unaccounted-for bullet in the grass on Elm Street (FBI 124-10047-10427)

FBI agents asked Dallas FBI Field Office Supervisor Robert Gemberling to identify the man photographed picking up evidence from the grass on Elm Street some minutes after the assassination. Some researchers claim that the man retrieved a bullet. Dallas Detective James Leavelle wrote to me that he met with this mysterious man, but refused to divulge his name (FBI 124-10052-10212)

Memo from Arthur Marmor to Warren Commission Attorney Norman Redlich reporting a "discrepancy between his - Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers' - investigative report of November 22, 1963, and his statement to the FBI on June 18, 1964 (SSCI 157-10008-10089)

FBI investigation of a bullet allegedly found by Deputy Sheriff Eddie Buddy Walthers.

CIA 104-10004-10136

FBI 124-10052-10224

Article on a bullet found in the grass on Elm Street. FBI 124-10050-10234

Opinion of a citizen on the bullet allegedly found by Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers (FBI 124-10030-10361)

Report of FBI Supervisor Robert P. Gemberling on the hole in the grass on Elm Street seen by witnesses
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Hartman. The hole is located in the general area where some people allege that a
bullet was found by Deputy Sheriff Eddie Walthers. Warren Commission Document 1518 (CE1518)

Photographers James Underwood and Tom Dillard took pictures and movie footage of the mark on the
curb from which a bullet ricochet struck motorcade spectator James Tague's face. HSCA 180-10088-10218


Transcript of ARRB interview with James Powell who took a photo of the Texas School Book
Depository approximately 30 seconds after the shots.

Powell ARRB interview

ARRB letter to Powell

Various reports on Agent James Powell of the 112th Military Intelligence Unit who took a photo of
the Texas School Book Depository approximately 30 seconds after the shots.

HSCA 180-10114-10158

HSCA 180-10027-10333

HSCA 180-10027-10018

HSCA 180-10113-10062

SSCIA 157-10008-10031

Photos taken by amateur photographer Robert Croft. Warren Commission CD354

CE354-Croft-photos-Link 1

CE354-Croft-photos-Link 2

CE354-Croft-photos-Link 3

Edward F. Bray claims that he wrote a letter warning John Connally of a death threat against the
governor in Dallas. After the assassination, BRAY was shown a film, by an organization named
"The Justice for the Tresher Crew", of JFK's head "blowing out". The Tresher was a US nuclear
submarine that sank in 1963.

FBI 124-10055-10418

FBI 124-10061-10159

FBI 124-10163-10398

FBI 124-10055-10411

FBI 124-10236-10211

Report of HSCA photo consultant Robert Groden about the Roy Cooper film of the grassy knoll and parking lot just after the assassination. The document also mentions that Carolyn Klein might have two photographs of Kennedy taken from the overpass just after the shots (HSCA 180-10104-10435)

The HSCA's conclusions about the Cooper film (HSCA 180-10087-10413)


William B. Pitzer

Information on an article on the suicide - or murder? - of William B. Pitzer who may have had movie film of
the JFK autopsy. Officials and researchers have never been able to locate the film though then-petty
officer Dennis David - also present at the autopsy - observed Pitzer editing it. Dennis David is the source
referred to in this article. (HSCA 180-10106-10207)

This is the article: HSCA 180-10099-10436

For more on the mysterious death of William Pitzer:


Seymour Weitzman

Testimony of Dr. Charles Laburda to the HSCA concerning the mental condition of Dallas Deputy
Constable Seymour Weitzman. Dr. Laburda recounts what Weitzman told him what he observed on
November 22, 1963. (HSCA 180-10077-10208)

"He mentioned that exactly other people that are somehow witnesses of the situation, or part of the
investigation, died mysteriously... His hands tremor; it is obviously very upsetting for him."
Dr. Laburda reporting what Seymour Weitzman told him.

HSCA interview with Seymour Weitzman (HSCA 180-10088-10083)

Reports on Seymour Weitzman`s mental condition.

HSCA 180-10065-10372

HSCA 180-10077-10207

HSCA 180-10072-10207

1963 FBI interview with Seymour Weitzman who claimed that he had found a Mauser on the sixth floor of the TSBD. The official story determined that the rifle used by Oswald and found was actually a Carcano (HSCA 180-10115-10327)

1963 FBI interview with Seymour Weitzman. (HSCA 180-10086-10049)

FBI's investigation of the "new evidence" uncovered by D.A. Jim Garrison, mentioned on the Johnny Carson Show on January 31, 1968 (DOJ 179-20003-10071)

Note: The memorandum refers to another memorandum in which appear the results of FBI's
study of this "new evidence". Unfortunately, this memorandum is not included with the copy of the
document that I received.
Watch 2 parts of the Jim Garrison's interview on the Johnny Carson Show:

Document regarding the allegations of New Orleans FBI Clerk William S. Walter, claiming that a week before the Kennedy assassination he received a message from the Director's office stating that "an attempt to assassinate President Kennedy would be made in Dallas on November 22, 1963" (DOJ 179-20003-10073)

Note: The document refers to a February 6, 1968, memorandum, which I did not receive.

This is a February 1, 1968, memorandum on the allegations made by FBI Clerk William S. Walter (FBI 124-10020-10479)
HSCA interview with Dallas officer David V. Harkness. Harkness who claims that he saw Lee Oswald
handing out Fair Play For Cuba Committee pamphlets in Dallas (HSCA 180-10111-10106)

Another interview, this time about Harkness seeing Secret Service agents on the grassy knoll after the shooting (HSCA 180-10082-10443)

Details on the Quebec-Washington-Guantanamo Walk For Peace in which Lee Harvey Oswald may have
participated. (HSCA 180-10029-10182)

Interview with Chief Justice Earl Warren by Warren Commission Attorney Alfred Goldberg. (June 22, 1974)

Report prepared by government employee Suzanne Cavanagh, entitled, "Assassination of John F.
Kennedy: The conspiracy controversy"

A citizen informed the Dallas Police of the suspicious presence of a car in the vicinity of the overpass when the motorcade was to pass (FBI 124-10178-10416)

Warren Commission member John McCloy responds to Joshia Thompson's book Six Seconds in Dallas.
Earl Warren also comments.

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