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Was a Secret Service man killed on November 22, 1963? (London Free Press November 22, 1963)

Two versions of UPI reporter Merriman Smith's account of the JFK assassination.

First version

Second version

Image in a color film of a second person in the TSBD (Toronto Telegram, November 1963)

Evidence against Oswald (Chicago Tribune, November 24, 1963) )

Toronto citizen Norman Similas claims he took a photo of the window from which Lee Harvey fired
(Toronto Telegram, November 1963)

More on Norman Similas. Click on those 2 links.

"The Similas Affair", by Rick Nelson.

"Where Is The Smoking Photo?", by Rick Nelson.

November 22, 2013 article on Norman Similas. Interview with his son. You can watch an interview with him once you're on that page.

Senator Yarborough terms it "A deed of horror" (Chicago Sun-Times, November 23, 1963)

Toronto citizen Allen Black claims he was in Dealey Plaza at the moment of the shooting (Toronto
Star Telegram, November 1963)

A telephone company executive claims that twenty minutes before the assassination, a woman
was overheard whispering, "The President is going to be killed" (Toronto Star Telegram,
November 23, 1963)

Bill Betzner recounts his observations in Dealey Plaza (Hamilton Spectator, November 23, 1963)

Death in Emergency Room 1 memorable (The Telegraph, Painesville, Ohio, November 25, 1963)

Would a map found in Oswald's belongings prove that Oswald shot Kennedy? (London Times, November 25, 1963)

Did someone on the motorcade route try to warn JFK that he would be killed? (Toronto Star,
November 25, 1963)

Toronto Star Telegram reporter Peter Worthington was present at the scene of Lee Oswald's
murder (Toronto Star Telegram, November 25, 1963)

The observations of reporter M. W. Newman who was a few feet from Lee Oswald when he w as
shot (Toronto Star, November 25, 1963)

Reporter Peter Worthington describes the climate in Dallas following the JFK assassination.
(Toronto Star Telegram, November 26, 1963)

Reporter Peter Worthington`s interview with General Edwin Walker (Toronto Star Telegram,
November 27, 1963)

Too many questions unanswered in the murder of the president (Toronto Daily Star, November 28,

"Oswald was there -at Ruby's club- and participated in one of my skits."

Bill Demar, entertainer at Ruby's club.

"The Jack Ruby mystery" (Toronto Star Telegram, November 29, 1963)

"Why did Ruby tell a friend who was a newspaper reporter that he'd seen the shooting?"

"The Guards Were Fighting Each Other" (The Sunday Times, December 1, 1963)

"New mystery in JFK assassination: What happened to Dr. Perry's Tapes?" (Variety, June 29, 1967)

Winnipeg salesman Richard Giesbrecht claims he heard two men conspiring to kill JFK
(Maclean's Magazine, November 1967)

Article on Richard Giesbrecht: "The Winnipeg Airport Incident Revisited", by Peter Whitmey.

Garrison claims that Oswald tipped the FBI about an assassination attempt on JFK. Some suspects are mentioned (Dallas Morning News, December 27, 1967)

Interview of Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig and researcher Penn Jones (Los Angeles Free Press,
March 1968)

Interview of Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig and researcher Penn Jones

Roger Craig's story about seeing Oswald fleeing Dealey Plaza and entering a station wagon was
mentioned on TV on Friday, November 22, 1963, and in the newspapers.


Interview with suspect Lawrence Howard (Los Angeles Free Press, March 1968)

Raymond Cummings claims Ferrie, Ruby, Oswald link

Articles on the Charles Bronson film (Dallas Morning News, 1978)

This is the story of November 22, 1963, in the words of the people who were there (Chicago
Sun- Times, November 20, 1983)